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Kickstart Your Health and
Weight Loss Journey:
7-Day Challenge

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10 June 2024


Ready to transform your life? The 7-Day Challenge is tailor-made for you!

Are you a woman over 40 navigating the challenges of midlife such as perimenopause or menopause, weight gain, low energy, anxiety and lost confidence?

I understand that you think you've tried everything, feel stuck, hopeless and frustrated. 


The good new is, I can show you a clear path forward.  I will teach you a proven way that will allow you to navigate this phase of your life.  You will shed unwanted pounds and belly fat, improve anxiety, increase energy, navigate menopause, conquer sugar cravings, kickstart your health journey, fit in your old clothes and reclaim your confidence.  I'm here to guide you every step of the way. 

No fad diets, just real results for real women.  

What You Can Expect:7 Day Summer Challenge\


  • Easy to follow meal plans and recipes:  A plan that fits in with your family and busy schedule.  Meal plans that provide the precise path for weight loss, fat burning, and muscle building.  You will say goodbye to nutritional guesswork and the burden of meal planning!  You will learn that good nutrition is easier than you think.


  • Live education daily: I'm with you every step of the way delivering live educational content keeping you motivated and informed. 

  • Private Facebook community: Immerse yourself in the community and achieve success through the support and connection with other women taking the challenge alongside you.

  • 5 days of live workouts! These easy-to-follow exercises cater to all abilities and fitness levels, led by certified Personal Trainer, Holly Talbot (known for transforming women's bodies in midlife – you're in excellent hands!)

  • 24/7 support from Jane Macgregor! As a board-certified health coach, I'll be in your corner to guide you, answer all your questions ensuring your success.

Holly Talbot
Certified Personal Trainer

Are you ready to be Coached by the Ultimate, Experienced Duo!

Jane Macgregor
Certified Health Coach

We team simple nutrition strategies with training plans crafted for women in midlife to guarantee fast, sustainable results for all fitness levels.

You will benefit from the combined expertise of Jane and Holly, your powerhouse support team.

(Optional workouts are recorded for your convenience.)

You Can Do This and It Will Work For You.

Join the 7-Day Challenge for just $37.00.  

It's time for you to embrace a new path to nutrition as a woman in her 40s and beyond, learning how to thrive and prioritize yourself, and feel better than ever before

Don't miss out - click below to join the challenge.  You won't regret it!

Jane Macgregor

Health Coach

benefits of health coaching lose weight, improve mindset, reduce inflammation, improve menopause symptoms
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