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Real Women. Real Results.
Join a Program That Will Transform Your Life. 

Let me help you reclaim your body, confidence, and health with a proven, back-to-basics formula that delivers results.


I'll teach you the exact path you need to thrive as a woman 40+, while building sustainable habits that last.  You can achieve this without calorie counting, hunger or deprivation.  It's time to change the narrative on your relationship with food, live confidently in a body you love, navigate peri/menopause, and thrive mentally and physically as a women in midlife.  Let me show you how. 

At 40 and beyond, you can have the opportunity to look and feel better than ever before.

This program helps you ditch dieting and free yourself from health and weight worries for good.

You'll uncover strategies to shed stubborn midlife belly fat, navigate peri/menopause, boost energy levels, reduce bloating and cravings, and, most importantly, achieve optimal health and overall wellbeing.

We dive deep into the root causes of metabolic health issues, hormone imbalances, menopause, weight gain, and other health concerns.

Embrace a level of health and body confidence you never thought possible, as a woman in midlife.  

How It Works

Choose between personalized 1:1 coaching or the Renew You, the 12-week, small group coaching program.

You receive weekly educational packets, weekly check-in calls, meal plans, recipes, and continuous 24/7 text and email support.  Throughout your journey, you are assured of unwavering guidance.  You are equipped with the necessary knowledge and toolkit to graduate and achieve long-term success.

Health coaching client, one on one health coaching,

Client Testimonial Video 

"If you are thinking about it, but you're on the fence, just do it!  It works!"

Dione Connelly

What You Can Expect

Health coaching, change mindset

Shed excess weight burn belly fat, and boost metabolism.

benefits of health coaching lose weight, improve mindset, reduce inflammation, improve menopause symptoms

Balance hormones and ease menopause. 


Peri-Menopause and Menopause symptoms

benefits of health coaching lose weight, improve mindset, reduce inflammation, improve menopause symptoms

Improve your wellbeing:

reduce stress, sleep better. Increase mood and energy.

benefits of health coaching lose weight, improve mindset, reduce inflammation, improve menopause symptoms

Transform your mindset and gain food fredom.


"The first picture is tough to stomach. Despite my daily exercise routine—long walks and what I believed to be a healthy diet—I found out I had high cholesterol, insulin resistance, PCOS and a troublesome case of IBS. Then, I discovered the path to fuel and nourish for optimal health.  In just six weeks, I managed to shed 15 pounds and felt like I was on top of the world. Now, I'm strong, lean, healthy and brimming with body confidence.   A far cry from the state captured in picture A."

Weight Loss Transformation, nutrition coaching

Client Success Stories

When I first started Jane's 12-week program, I couldn't fit into my clothes, I had low energy, and my mood was at an all-time low.

Fast forward 12 weeks, and the transformation has been nothing short of incredible. I am full of energy, sleeping well, and my mood has done a complete 180.

You've not only transformed my body but my entire outlook on life. Thank you!

- Rachel, Katy, TX

After receiving some less than ideal blood work results, I knew I had to do something. Jane's program not only helped me improve my blood work results but also transformed my entire approach to nutrition. I thought I was joining a program solely for meal plans and recipes, but it’s so much more. While weight loss was a bonus, the ultimate success was when I retested my bloods and most results were in the normal range with some heading in the right direction. I’ve graduated from the 12 week program and I feel extremely confident going forward on my own.

- P, Houston

I have entered the menopause phase and I was struggling with weight gain, mood swings, and hot sweats to name a few symptoms. I did not feel like myself, and desperate for relief, I searched for a holistic solution. Thanks to the program, my symptoms have dramatically improved. Jane encouraged me to step outside my comfort zone while always respecting my personal choices and path. Together, we found solutions that not only worked but were sustainable for my life and lifestyle.

- Michelle, Aberdeen, Scotland

Download Your Free Protein Guide Here!

Everything you need to know about high quality protein and adequate intake as a woman in midlife.


With more knowledge you can unlock the key to better health and a more balanced and vibrant life.   

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benefits of health coaching lose weight, improve mindset, reduce inflammation, improve menopause symptoms
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