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Ready to be Inspired?
Meet these Incredible Women.

Meet Fran Porter


Fran joined the Renew You Small Group Coaching Program by the end of last year. Her eating patterns were sporadic and as a busy working mom, she found it challenging to prioritize her own nutritional needs and self-care. Fran is toning up, burning fat, building muscle, and growing in confidence. I feel honored to have been a part of her transformation and to have witnessed it firsthand. Fran remains an active member of our community, participating in the Renew You Academy - the lifestyle membership for Jane MacGregor Health and Wellness graduates.  

What motivated you to join the Renew You Health and Nutrition program?


I saw the results that Jane was involved with for other friends and knew I needed her help. 


Can you share some specific changes you've noticed in your health and wellbeing since completing the program? 

Having a proper breakfast and lunch has given me energy and stopped me snacking. The plan makes it very, very simple. The guidance, the groups support and chat has helped enormously. The program is more than just food and weight.  It's ladies sharing their highs and Lows which we can all learn from.


How did Jane and the program support you in achieving your goals?

Having a very clear plan means I don't have to think about it.  I just do it.  Life is busy and I have not had the brain space to think about myself.  This was someone else I trust that does it for me.

Meet Aurore Plisnier

Aurore reached out to me with a goal in mind: to shed some weight and adopt nutrition habits that would boost her health and confidence.  After diving into the program, Aurore made incredible progress, shedding a total of 11.5lbs.  And let me tell you, the results speak volumes!  Not only does she look fantastic, but she's also glowing with newfound confidence and youthfulness. Plus, she's armed with the knowledge that will allow her to find balance, stay lean, energized, and healthy for life. 


Aurore's success is incredibly inspiring, and I'm thrilled to be able to share her journey and transformation!

What were your initial goals when you started the nutrition coaching program? How did you feel both emotionally and physically before you started on the program?


Lose 10 pounds by understanding how I could make better food choices to burn fat more easily.
I felt ok but had some mood swings and was not 100% confident physically.


How did the Jane support and guide you throughout the program?


Jane provided the right customized support and guidance to me.   Answered questions when needed and even went over and beyond my expectations when I was away in Europe.   She is genuine and kind and has a true interest in the wellbeing of her clients.


Would you recommend this nutrition coaching program to others, and if so, why?

Yes! It is easy to follow, it is a life long learning investment, the recipes are delicious, you are not counting calories, you are not hungry and you feel so much better in your body and your mind.

Meet Candice Maitland

Candice became a part of the Renew You Small Group Coaching Program in November 2023, and right from the start, she brought an exceptional energy and commitment to the table. 


She fully embraced the program, and her remarkable transformation over the course of the 10 weeks to date speaks volumes.  Not only did she achieve incredible results, but she also became an invaluable member of the small group coaching sessions, actively engaging and contributing to the community. 

Her journey exemplifies not just a physical body composition transformation, but also a major reduction in menopause symptoms.  Candice looks and feels incredible.  I hope her story serves as an inspiration and example of what's possible. 

What were your main health and wellness goals when you started the group coaching program?

My main goals were to have more energy, lose excess weight and improve overall fitness and health.  I also hoped it would help peri-menopause symptoms. I turned 50 this year, and have been struggling with weight, hormones, fatigue etc.  I tried to eat healthy, but as I've got older I am craving sugar more. 


How did Jane and the group coaching program help you make progress toward your goals?

The easy to follow meal plans which are very tasty and satisfying, as well as support from Jane and the online group and the Pilates and health education packets. I couldn’t have done it on my own. I struggled to even lose 1lb up until now. Jane is always there if needed and you can see she genuinely cares about her clients and loves what she does. I have lot more energy, reduced anxiety and overall improved mood.  I have lost 17 pounds and my hot flashes have reduced significantly. 

Would you recommend the Renew You Coaching Program to others? If so, why?

Most definitely as I believe this program really works and Jane is a fabulous mentor.

Candice Maitland

MeeSarah Durbridge

Health program transformation, mindset transformation, weight loss before and after, improved menopause symptoms

Meet Sarah, a remarkable woman who respected and wholeheartedly embraced the 1:1 program right from the start.  Her goal was to cultivate healthier habits, reduce menopause symptoms, and enhance her body composition. You'll discover that she not only set these targets but also achieved each one with remarkable success.

Now, armed with established habits, Sarah is well-equipped to continue her journey towards a healthier and fuller life.  Her commitment and dedication deserve admiration, serving as an inspiration for others seeking positive change.

What were your main health and wellness goals when you started the group coaching program?

Going into the program my goal was to make a lasting change towards being more healthy.  I wanted to transform my body composition, in particular to shift stubborn fat around the middle.  I also wanted to cultivate healthier habits such as improving sleep and mobility, and to try to alleviate some minor health issues and menopause symptoms. 


How did Jane and the group coaching program help you make progress toward your goals?

The weekly check-ins allowed me to reflect on my week, and the education packs provided valuable insights throughout. Jane ensures you feel no guilt, no overwhelming pressure, and certainly no attempt to tackle too much at once.  For me, it was the perfect mix of guidance, support, and gentle persuasion


Would you recommend the Renew You Coaching Program to others? If so, why?

The program felt like a partnership and I would recommend Jane to anyone ready to embrace a holistic and sustainable path to health and wellness. It's also a great way to carve a little time out to focus on yourself for a while. 

Sarah Durbridge

Meet Janie Low

health coach transformation, reversed inflammation, no more joint pain, weight loss transformation

Meet Janie, a true example of dedication and transformation through the Renew You program.  From the very outset, Janie wholeheartedly embraced the program, and the results speak for themselves.  In just a few short weeks, her journey went beyond shedding extra weight; she experienced a remarkable reversal of pain caused by inflammation.  As you delve into her inspiring story below, you'll discover how Janie not only made amazing progress with weight loss goals but also discovered the joy of consuming nourishing foods with no calorie counting, or deprivation. The program empowered her with knowledge on effective fueling and nourishment.  Janie's success is not just commendable; it's a testament to her commitment and the transformative power of the Renew You program.

What were your main health and wellness goals when you started the group coaching program?

I was active and thought I was eating a relatively healthy diet with plenty of fruit and veg and protein but pretty much every meal had refined carbs.  I also very regularly used to not eat breakfast, binge on diet soda and was also very fond of potato chips! I had tried to lose weight and would restrict myself only to give up and binge.

How did Jane and the group coaching program help you make progress toward your goals?

The weight just started to fall off....and I wasn't hungry or feeling like I was missing out on anything.

Fast forward and at the 1 month mark I was 14Lbs lighter, I no longer had any cravings for anything food relatedFollowing Jane's program is so easy, I know exactly how to build every meal now and I feeling totally equipped to continue this way of life.

Would you recommend the Renew You Coaching Program to others? If so, why?

Jane is so incredibly helpful; I feel so grateful to her that she has helped me and opened my eyes to a whole new way of thinking. Jane is so approachable, she always finds a solution, she is a wealth of tried and tested measures, and she gets results.

Janie Low

before and after, weight loss transformation
Lose weight, weight loss transformation, reduced breast size, balanced hormones, reduced inflammation, nutrition coaching for optimal health

How did you feel before you began working with Jane Macgregor Health & Wellness? What were the biggest issues you were facing?


Before I began working with Jane, I had some health issues which lead to having a hysterectomy and a large dose of iron supplements. I was overweight, bloated and feeling uncomfortable with myself. My wardrobe of clothes were tight. I got back to regular exercise classes along with my own healthy eating... My lifestyle needed to change.

In what ways did your health and wellbeing improve as a result of your coaching sessions?


Tremendously, within the first week I felt less bloated and was on a good start of losing the pounds.  At this point I was very focused with my daily meals and exercise regime. Jane was on hand at any time. Having an empathetic ear when needed along with giving motivation and praise throughout my journey. I had set a goal and smashed it.


If you were to recommend Jane Macgregor Health and Wellness to a friend, what would you say?


A lady that will help change your life emotionally and physically. Jane has all the tools and personality to make this change easy. It's been an absolute pleasure in sharing this journey with a lady that has inspired me to become a healthier person. Life is for living and you want to be the happiest version of yourself to enjoy all that it brings to you.

Catriona Galloway

I am overjoyed to shine the spotlight on one remarkable lady who has graduated from the coaching program.  From the very beginning, she wholeheartedly embraced the program, giving it her all, and the results are nothing short of incredible.  Cat’s primary goal was weight loss, and she lost 25lbs and 15 inches overall.  She’s not just met her goals; she’s smashed through them with an unwavering dedication, determination and with an abundance of enthusiasm!  Getting to know her has been a pleasure, she was a dream client, a joy to support and deserves every bit of success.  Read on to find out more about her inspiring journey…….

Meet Janie Low

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