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From My Struggles to Your Success: I Know What Works and What Doesn't.

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My Story

For almost 30 years I lived with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), Irritable Bowl Syndrome (IBS-C), suffered with frequent sinus infections, colds and allergies.

I was tired, lacked energy and had to nap every day in order to keep up with the demands of family life. I knew there were pieces of the jigsaw missing, but for a long time I had no idea where to start.  Deep down, I knew there had to be another way.

​I worried constantly about the consequences of PCOS on my long-term health.  The PCOS list of risks is long and scary: infertility, endometrial cancer, diabetes, cholesterol abnormalities, and cardiovascular risks.  I made the best choices I could, but nothing changed.  Despite my active, "healthy" lifestyle, I carried an extra 15 pounds and I found it impossible to lose weight.


Little was provided to me in terms of solution or support.  The only advice offered to me from my health practitioner was to take hormonal birth control to regulate my period.  Nutrition and other lifestyle factors were never discussed. 

Once married, I dreamed of starting a family, but would it be possible?


My story really began when I started to ask WHY?

​I did a lot of research and implemented an anti-inflammatory diet.  I was stunned when within weeks I reversed PCOS symptoms, lost weight and found a solution for IBS-C diagnosis. Within two months, I had a regular period, and I've had one every month since.  All of this is after 30 years of 3 or 4 a year. I was eating real, delicious food.  I wasn't hungry.  I was energized and losing the extra weight; however, the most significant achievement was successfully reversing health issues that carried potential serious ramifications.  The formula I uncovered changed the outcome of my health and ultimately my life.

We are a product of what we eat and our lifestyle behaviors.

Until you've experienced it for yourself, you will not fully understand the power that nutrition can have on your overall health, health outcomes, confidence and wellbeing.

I am here to cut through confusing and conflicting health and nutrition advice.  I am committed to helping as many women as possible change the trajectory of their health and lives.

Client weight loss transformation

"Last summer I was at breaking pointI felt like I was living in a 90 year olds body - slow, painful!  Aching from the moment that I got up in the morning.  My feet would crack and my back and shoulders would ache.  I'd been feeling this way for almost a year and tearfully I had visited the doctor to find out what was wrong on many occasions.  Passed from pillar to post with no clear understanding, I felt utterly lost.

I've embedded good eating habits and I'm building on strong foundations.  

Here is my weight loss journey since May, it's steady consistent progress and heading in the right direction.  20 lb down and 20 lb to go!

All done with Jane's help and guidance.  It's awesome to fit into clothes again and need to buy new jeans, but what I'm most excited about is having the pain disappear and that's my motivator to keep going.  I'm not eating something to be good.  I'm not eating it becuase it makes me feel like I'm a 90 year old woman, and that is a pretty strong motivation!"

J, Houston

Hi, I'm Jane

I am a Certified Health Coach living in Katy, Houston, Texas.

I am originally from Aberdeen, Scotland, but for the last decade, I've made Houston my home with my husband and three boys. 


I'm a tennis, health, wellness, and fitness enthusiast, and in my spare time, nothing makes me happier than hanging out with my cherished family and friends!

I am a Board-Certified Health Coach, dedicated to sharing my knowledge with as many women as possible.  

Jane Macgregor Health & Wellness was born through the success of my own health and wellness journey.

It is important for me to share my story with you so you can understand first-hand the obstacles I have overcome.

All women deserve to live a long, healthy, and fulfilled life.  It's my mission to give you the education and toolkit required to succeed.

nutrition coach with family

​Real Women. Real Nutrition. Real Results.

Simple Strategy.
No Calorie Counting.

Science-Backed Formula.
Let's Get Back to Basics.

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Healthy woman with a smoothie
benefits of health coaching lose weight, improve mindset, reduce inflammation, improve menopause symptoms
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